Cornwall has earned a team in each of the top three grades offered by Auckland Cricket, plus we have grade cricket options available. For those with less time on their hands, we offer options in the One Day Grades and Saturday/Sunday Twenty20 Grades. 

We have teams in the Year 9 and 10 grades and 11 to 13 grades.

Registrations Open

Registration for Premier, Premier Reserve, Grade Cricket, One Day Grades and Saturday and Sunday Twenty20 Grades. 

Registrations Open

Registration for young men who are in year 9 at the beginning of the season right through to those that are U19 as at 12 September.

Registration Fees

There is an early bird discount that applies to all grades prior to 1 September. Registration fees for senior grades are as follows:

Fees are To be confirmed for all senior grades. 

​​​​​​​Cancellations and Refunds

If you decide to cancel a registration or registrations prior to the start of the cricket season your fees will be refunded less $50 to cover administration. Once the season has started, up to Christmas the refund fee increases pro rata to a maximum of 50% of the initial registration fee at Christmas. After Christmas, there is no refund.

Selection Criteria - Men's


  • All team selections will be undertaken by the Selection Committee to be appointed by the Board on an annual basis.
  • Where possible, teams should be selected by the start of training on Thursday so they can train together on Thursday night.
  • The Selection committee, prior to the publication of the teams, will advise all players who are promoted or dropped.


  • Players are required to notify the Selection Committee if they are unavailable for any game at least three days prior to the match commencing.
  • The Selectors will continually maintain & update the 'un-availability list' prior to team selections.
  • If a player misses a game, he will not be automatically re-selected in that grade.

Selection Criteria:

  • Players eligible for selection are those on the club's registration list.
  • skill, all round performance, attitude, commitment & fitness, (We will look at all aspects of play that is batting, bowling and fielding).
  • Team Balance.
  • Financial status, (Subs and any debt to club up to date and paid)
  • Training Attendance. Players are asked to train twice per week. Tuesday & Thursday. If players cannot attend due to other commitments, they must advise their coach or captain
  • In grade cricket we promote a competitive environment whereby players are required to be available for selection in any grade.
  • We are keen to promote as many young players as possible into grade cricket, however, selections will continue to be made in the best interests of the club first, and the team concerned overall.

Late Withdrawals:

  • If a player withdraws from a team after the notification deadline (Thursday 5pm), the Selectors of that team will select a replacement from the team below or 'stand by pool'.

In the event of non-selection, or not being selected on the team you expected:

  • Speak to the coach or captain of the relevant team to understand why you have not been selected. 
  • Identify areas to improve and progress, and evidence those in your training and performance in matches.

Senior Club Player Pathway

Over the 2013/14 off season Cornwall went through a review of the Junior and Youth structure. One of the outcomes of the review has been to change the structure of the Youth section and incorporate it as part of the Senior Club.

At Cornwall we see this as a very positive move going forward for all youth players, allowing players to further develop themselves as cricketers and become comfortable with the step up. 

As part of this incorporation of the Youth grades into the Senior Club the following player pathway has been developed to clearly show the pathway from Year 8 through to the Youth and Senior Grades.

There are a number of the key features of this pathway:

1. The path through the high school years all lead back to Cornwall so players can return to Cornwall at any time and play cricket at a level that is appropriate to them.

2. Players playing morning cricket for their school can play afternoon cricket for their club if they choose.

This option starts in the first term of Year 9, with School Junior A cricket being played in the morning and the Youth Year 8 Post Christmas being played in the afternoon. Club games start later at 1.45pm to allow time to get to the game.

3. Players playing both junior and senior afternoon cricket for their schools can return to the club every season to play afternoon cricket when school cricket finishes, again at a level that is appropriate to them.

The senior club currently enters four teams in grade cricket. Premier, Premier Reserves and two, Two day grade teams.  These teams are graded so all the players are playing at an appropriate level. 

In past years, it has proved successful for players who have followed this path with it being beneficial for players to play against, and with, experienced players. It provides players the opportunity to develop skills and test themselves week in week out.