​​​​​​​Cornwall School Programme


The Cornwall Cricket School Programme aims to provide cricket opportunities to all schools in our catchment to drive cricket participation in-school, during lunchtime/after school and increase the number of kids playing cricket. This initiative will encourage anyone to give cricket a go, everyone will be provided with equal batting and bowling opportunities. 

School Requirements

The schools will need to provide suitable field's for extra curricular competitions run by Cornwall Cricket, these will be either during lunch time or after school. Cornwall Cricket Club will provide a coach/umpire for each organised school training/match. 

Schools do not need to provide any gear for the activities. All gear will be supplied by either Cornwall Cricket Club or Auckland Cricket Association.

All activities will be FREE for schools, at no point will schools be invoiced for participation in these events. 

Aim: Any student can give cricket a go between the ages of Year 3-8. The focus is around skill development/learning fundamentals. 

  • Two Weeks
  • Have-a-go
  • 45 minute class by class sessions

School Requirements

Contact the Cornwall Development Manager (email below). 

Provide dates during Term 3 you would like sessions. 

Provide a field to use for sessions on School grounds. ​​​​​​​

 Contact: scott@cornwallcricket.co.nz

Aim: To give Year 3-6 girls a go at playing cricket. The emphasis is on fun and fundamental skill development.  

  • Girls Only
  • One Festival Day
  • Have a go

School Requirements

Enter teams into a Quikhit tournament.

Provide transport to and from the allocated grounds for the Quikhit tournament.

Provide a parent/teacher to supervise the children during Quikhit.  

For more information please click the link below:


Aim: To put a BatFirst pack in the hands of every Year 3 child that attends a Decile 5 or lower school in Auckland. 

  • Boys & Girls
  • Year 3 only
  • Decile 5 or lower

School Requirements

Schools need to be decile 5 or lower. Provide a field for Auckland Cricket to provide free coaching.

Register your School for BatFirst.​​​​​​​