Net Bookings

The club uses ‘Bookanet’ to manage private bookings of our covered facility. Bookanet allows you to:

  • Log in as a member to receive member pricing (if you are a Cornwall member).
  • See all net availability and book times you choose.
  • Receive a code to allow access to the covered nets for the duration of your booking.

To make a booking click here

The costs for booking are:

Members: $15/hour/lane

Non-members: $25/hour/lane

To log in for the first time and access member benefits, please follow the below instructions:

  1. Go to:
  2. Select “Request New Password”
  3. Enter the email address used to register yourself or your child. 
  4. Follow the further instructions emailed to you.


Forgotten password

If you forget your password, you can follow the same instructions used to log in as a member for the first time. These are:

  • Go to the bookanet website here
  • Enter your email address. 
  • Click 'email new password' and follow prompts sent to the email address entered. 

Not recognised as a member

If you're email address is not recognised as belonging to a member, contact the club manager (contact details are on the footer of the website). He will need to create you a member account or correct your email address in the Bookanet system. ​​​​​​​

Why was this net booking system implemented and how can I provide feedback?

The Board made the decision to move to an automated booking system and charge both members and non-members a fee for private bookings for the following reasons. 

  1. Over the last three years, the club has covered $37,360 in maintenance costs for the facility. Rather than continually increasing membership fees to cover these costs, we believe it is fairer to make the facility ‘user pays’. As a result, only the small percentage of the club that use the nets for private bookings will be contributing towards its upkeep.
  2. An online booking system creates a fair, fully transparent and widely accessible booking system for our entire membership.  
  3. It is a security and health and safety issue when the club is not aware of who is using our nets. Particularly in weekends when they are very busy with no club staff on site.
  4. It is currently common for individuals to book long periods of time and/or multiple lanes but not show up in their booked slot, taking away usage opportunities for other members. Implementing a charge would minimise this risk.
  5. The nets are currently easily accessible and heavily used by non-members.
  6. There are two outdoor lanes that can still be used free of charge should individuals choose to utilise them.
  7. Some private coaches are currently not contributing fairly for utilising the indoor nets for their business activity. 

At the end of May, we wrote to members seeking feedback on the proposal. The average response from members to the question "are you supportive of the indoor nets proposal" was 4.2 out of 5. This support affirmed the Boards original judgement and the decison was made to implement the system during June.  

Because the system has been implemented recently, we are taking feedback from members so that we can refine this initiative to ensure we are meeting the needs of the membership. Please place feedback by clicking here.