CCDF Development Programme Intake 2 Squad Announcement

Cornwall, Wed Jun 21, 2017 10:09AM

The Cornwall Cricket Development Foundation are pleased to announce the second intake of athletes into the CCDF Development Programme.


As Cornwall strives to continue to assist our cricketers at each age group and skill level, the CCDF Programme is another layer of player development Cornwall offer. It will work alongside already established programmes such as the Central Academies and various winter programmes Cornwall already run and hopefully feed into the Auckland Cricket Youth Programme ‘DFA’ and eventually senior cricket.


The Programme is open to Year 9 – 13 athletes and the number is capped at around 10 each intake, to ensure a quality, targeted experience.


The selection process, takes place in May before the Programme begins in July. Nominations are sort from Club, District and School coaches before the final intake is confirmed.


We are extremely excited to confirm the 2017.18 intake, which includes six athletes from intake 1 and four new members:


Henry Drillien

Year 9

Louie Chandulal

Year 9

Ben Tomlinson

Year 10

Archie Shaw

Year 10

Ben Russell

Year 10

Kaylin Daji

Year 11

Will O’Rourke

Year 11

Dimithri Gallage

Year 11

Ben Megson

Year 12

Jordan Ryall

Year 13

It is completely financed by the CCDF with help from our awesome sponsors Players Sports and Kookaburra.


The aim of this programme is to nurture and develop Cornwall’s top young players in a high performance environment to develop them as athletes so they are better prepared to play Premier Cricket and beyond.


We will accomplish this by allowing the participant’s access to leading coaches in their specific fields and develop a programme that fits around their current cricketing commitments. The programme will encompass all facets of cricket from technical to mental.


Each intake will run for 10 months, from July - April and will include approximately 20 sessions per athlete over this time. As you can see this is not a huge workload as we are aware of many other commitments that today’s young people have, however, we envision that these sessions will allow Cornwall athletes to thrive in a targeted programme.


For more information please click HERE


This initiative is fully funded by the CCDF and free to selected participants, the CCDF relies heavily on donations, if you would like to make a donation please contact the office at All donations are tax deductible.

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