Action Indoor World Series

Cornwall, Fri Mar 24, 2017 10:28AM

By virtue of it's fast and all inclusive nature, indoor cricket has developed some of the best all rounders in the recent history of cricket. This is simply because all players have to bat and bowl as well as do their bit for the team in the field. Your reactions have to be quick, your bowling accurate, and you need to be able to score runs from every ball faced.

If this all sounds terribly exciting to you and you would like to spend your winter improving your all round cricket skills then there is no better place to do it than the Action Indoor World series of cricket.

You'll have heaps of fun each week, be able to improve your all round cricket skills and get a head start for your next summer season outdoors. All games are played on Fridays and Sundays against teams of similar age or ability and everyone gets a go batting and bowling.

For coaches as well it is a great way to keep the majority of your team together over the winter and work on the team spirit as well as good cricket specific issues.

For further information go to their website or give any of their centres a ring on the numbers below.


911 Dominion Road
Mt Roskill, Auckland
(T) 09-620-6113

13-15 Morgan Street
Newmarket, Auckland
(T) 09-524-2757

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